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Welcome! You have found the experimental web pages of Sebastian Heimann.

Der Erdbebenmonitor
Great, I didn't post anything here in 2008! But that shall not matter now. I have now finally written a Python interface to GMT, which some of you might find useful.
Last week, we have recorded a new song: Nebel. Not perfect yet, but we already love it!
Information and material for my programming course.
Seismogram recordings of the latest major earthquakes, made by the Bad Segeberg observatory BSEG.
Thanks to Sebastian Marock we have finally made some recordings with Die Lurche!
I have made a short presentation on SVN, which I hope you will find useful (and entertaining).
(Subversion (SVN) is a popular revision control system.)

Ok, you have all waited for something really embarrassing crawling out here. This is it: Das verlorene Paradies. A concrete example of what happens, when serious dadaists make a dada film about serious dadaists. Thanks Claas, this was a super funny evening!
7.11.: I reencoded the movie with another encoder, if it didn't play before, it may work now...
This clip is a homage to Hamburg, the summer of 2004 and to bicycling. Many thanks to Felix and Patti! Those were some really great days!
The Ridiculous Hats were a band, that formed on a nice sunny day in (as far as I remember) august 2004. It was disbanded on that very same day, but in spite of its short existence, this great band gave birth to a few rare and unique hits! The Ridiculous Hats may not exist anymore, but their memory will rest in our hearts forever!
Here is a short animation I made recently and (more or less) accidentally. (How this works? Imagine you could stretch a colored rubberband through a hilbert curve...)